Simple Tips for Maintain Vein Health During Quarantine

//Simple Tips for Maintain Vein Health During Quarantine

Simple Tips for Maintain Vein Health During Quarantine

The year 2020 has been tough, with one disturbing and stressful event after the other. From the Australian bushfires and the threat of World War 3 in the first couple of months to the viral infection that swept across the world, 2020 has seen its fair share of life-changing events.

Currently, the United States, along with many other countries, has been struggling with trying to decrease the rate of COVID-19 infections and prevent the spread of the virus. One of the government’s main strategies to flatten the curve is social distancing and mandatory stay-at-home orders for many states. 

As a result, many people’s lives have been significantly disturbed as they are stuck at home and unable to go about their daily tasks. This sedentary lifestyle poses various risks for people with venous disorders and increases their chances of worsening varicose veins and other symptoms of various vein diseases.


Luckily, our vein experts have a few tips for maintaining your vein health during the lockdown:

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

One of the biggest pitfalls of staying at home and not having much to do is binge eating. Manypeople end up eating a lot of junk food and forget to hydrate their bodies properly. This can have a serious negative impact on your overall health, especially the veins. It’s imperative to stay hydrated to ensure the proper flow of oxygen in the blood and prevent any clots. Eating healthy foods and avoiding fatty, sugary stuff is also essential to keep your weight in check and preventing the blood from thickening.

Avoid Long Periods of Inactivity

The adverse effects of sitting for long periods are worse than smoking!

Human bodies need to stand upright to perform many functions such as healthy bowel movement, maintaining bone strength, and ensuring healthy veins. Sitting for too long can increase your chances of weakened veins and leg muscles, leading to joint problems. 

Try to avoid sitting for more than 2 hours at any given time and remember to get up and get moving to keep the blood flowing naturally. Also, incorporate some simple exercises to your daily routine that can be done inside your home.

Elevate Your Legs

When sitting or standing for long periods, the gravity puts additional stress on your veins as they work harder to send the blood back to the heart. This adds the pressure on the valves in your veins can increase the likelihood of developing or worsening varicose veins. Elevate your legs on a stool or some pillows while sleeping or sitting to reduce the pressure on your veins and encourage healthy circulation.

Get Professional Vein Assessment and Treatments In New York:

Getting your veins assessed regularly by professionals and seeking timely treatment is the best way to ensure healthy veins, especially if you are at a high risk of developing venous disorders.

Varicose Veins Doctors New York offers the services of experienced vein experts and certified vascular surgeons to its clients. As the leading vein treatment center in the city, we provide professional diagnoses for various venous disorders and symptoms and offer innovative and effective treatments, such as Sclerotherapy, varicose vein treatment, spider vein removal, and restless leg syndrome treatment.

Get in touch with us by calling 212-906-9111 today to schedule an appointment! 

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