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Leg Cramps

The muscles in our legs are contracting and expanding in a synchronized manner. Involuntary contractions that occur suddenly in these muscles are called leg cramps. It’s possible for cramps to occur multiple times, and frequently, before they resolve. Therefore, the discomfort that arises from leg cramps also varies.

Also referred to as spasms, leg cramps are caused by excessive straining of the muscle, low levels of electrolytes or lack of blood.

Our leg cramps specialists in NYC can help you curb these symptoms with their experience and extensive training.

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    Approximately 75 percent of muscle cramps occur at night.

    Athletes, pregnant women and individuals suffering from nerve disorders or thyroid problems are likely to develop leg cramps.

    Liver diseases can also result in the development of spasms.

    Exercising of the legs and hydrating frequently can help reduce the chances of leg cramps.


    Leg cramps can be treated without invasive treatments or procedures. Doctors make use of certain traditional methods to relieve the pain caused by leg cramps and the overall occurrence of the phenomenon itself.

    Stretching exercises, staying hydrated, less disruption during sleep and consumption of food that increases blood flow in the body are all ways in which leg cramps can be treated.

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