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Leg Heaviness

Leg heaviness refers to a sensation of heaviness or fatigue in the legs, which makes the affected region ache.

One of the most common causes for leg heaviness can be the formation of spider veins or varicose veins. When the veins are unable to carry blood to the heart against the force of gravity, the valves become dysfunctional and cause de-oxidized blood to accumulate abnormally in the veins.

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    During pregnancy, the risk of vein dysfunction—which is a cause of leg heaviness—is increased.

    Pregnancy hormones dilate the veins and put pressure on the pelvis. This, in turn, increases the volume of blood circulating in the body, causing the veins to function under more pressure.

    Other causes of leg heaviness include old age, obesity and other conditions within the family.


    The treatment for leg heaviness is determined by the causes for the condition.

    Diagnostic tests and physical examination are used to determine the cause of the heaviness. A non-invasive ultrasound is also conducted to pinpoint the affected region more clearly. It’s important that the patient provide the relevant information required by the doctor when it comes to treating leg heaviness.

    Physical compression therapy and lymphatic drainage are two methods of resolving the symptoms of leg heaviness.

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