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Leg Swelling

Peripheral edema, also commonly known as leg swelling, is referred to the swelling in the lower leg region, near the ankles. It’s caused by an imbalance in the fluid of our cells, which results in abnormal fluid accumulation in the tissues.

The causes can be as simple as sitting down for long periods or suffering from the side-effects of mediation or congestive heart failure. The affected area in the leg feels stiff, itchy and swollen, which may make it hard to walk or put on shoes.
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    The symptoms for leg swelling develop gradually, and their severity depends on the cause of the edema.

    The occurrence is most common in adults and pregnant women

    It’s possible for the swollen area to retain a dimple if it’s pressed.

    Weight loss and weight gain are also some of the symptoms for peripheral edema in the legs


    The treatment for leg swelling depends on the cause of the symptoms. The doctor begins the treatment by conducting a physical examination of the body, along with a few diagnostic tests.

    Blood tests are conducted to ascertain the presence of electrolytes in the blood, and to study kidney or liver functions. An ultrasound is also performed to determine the wellness of the arteries and veins in the legs.

    Once the underlying condition for the edema is determined, the doctor proceeds with the treatment in accordance with the diagnosis.

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