Keeping Up With Fashion: Can It Result In Vein Diseases?

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Keeping Up With Fashion: Can It Result In Vein Diseases?

Most of us don’t really think of our venous health when we go on a shopping spree for clothes. Finding the right outfit and the perfect accessories to go with it is challenging enough as it is, without the thoughts of how our clothing may impact our venous health.

However, our choice of clothing most certainly affects our circulatory system. In fact, certain wardrobe choices can put us at a higher risk of vein disease and may cause conditions such as varicose veins or blood clots.

The Link between Clothing & Venous Health

Uncomfortable, albeit fashionable, clothing and shoes restrict circulation. As a result, the veins suffer valve damage which can lead to a number of health complications.

With poor circulation in the legs, blood accumulates in areas farthest from the heart as the veins are unable to regulate a health blood flow. This can cause the veins to swell up and ache.

So, how do you ensure your venous health remains intact while also keeping up with the latest fashion trends? We’ve laid out a guide for you.

What to Wear & What to Avoid

First things first; fashion does not equate to uncomfortable clothing. There are several garments, designs, and cuts you can wear without compromising your circulation and risking the possibility of developing varicose veins, while still looking glamorous.

Don’t get on the bandwagon of tight clothing just because you saw a supermodel on the latest Vogue cover wearing skin tight jeans and high heels. It may look trendy, but you’ll be putting yourself through some serious discomfort parading around in that outfit, all the while compromising your blood circulation.

The fix? Loosely fitted clothing! Opt for wide-legged pants and looser leggings to maintain both fashion as well as comfort. You can pair these with a crop top or a button-down shirt and top it with a chic hat. The more breathable your garments, the better it is for your venous health. Get rid of your jeggings, spanx, skinny jeans, and tight elastic socks for looser, more comfortable legwear.

For footwear, ditch the stilettos and tight sandals for a pair of low heel shoes with soft soles. These will facilitate the blood flow when your feet are flat on the ground, instead of restricting circulation.  Who says you can’t look good in a pair of block heels or sneakers?

high heel shoes

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